Today, as we celebrate the life of St Anthony, Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Mark (2: 18-22) in which Jesus is asked why his disciples are not fasting when others are. Afterwards, Fr Paul shares a bit about the life of St Anthony.St Anthony lived from the year 251AD to 356AD and he was the originator of the monastic life. Anthony was born in Egypt and, when his parents died, he listened to the words of the Gospel and gave all of his belongings to the poor. He then went out into the wilderness and living a life of absolute poverty, praying, meditating, and supporting himself by manual labour.  He suffered many temptations, but we are told he overcame them.  As time went on disciples gathered around him, attracted by his wisdom, moderation, and holiness.  He gave support to the victims of the  of Diocletian and he also helped St Athanasius in his fight against the Arians. Anthony was over 100 years of age when he died.In the tradition of our Church, Fr Paul says, we ask ‘St Anthony, pray for us’!