Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Mark (2: 23-28) in which the Pharisees take Jesus to task for the actions of some of his disciples on the Sabbath.As we hear in today’s Gospel Jesus and his disciples are making their way through a cornfield and pushing corn from side to side to make their way through, as well as picking ears of corn to eat. The Pharisees question Jesus because of this, which leads him to use the term Son of Man.  This is an Aramaic expression for ‘human being’. Jesus uses this term when he speaks of himself, about his authority, and the passion he will go through. Fr Paul notes, it is a term that is only used by Jesus and it is only found 14 times in the Gospels. Is Jesus using this particular term saying more about himself than it appears? Fr Paul says this is still being debated by scholars to this day. For our reflection today Fr Paul suggests that we might reflect on the scene of Jesus and his disciples working through that cornfield and ask ourselves, ‘if I was walking beside Jesus, right now, what are the things I’d like to share with him?’