Jesus cures two women Today’s Gospel is from Matthew (9:18-26) and like our reading and reflection on Saturday Fr Paul says there are a set of two things happening. Today we hear of two women being cured and through these healings two things are evident; firstly, the faith of the two women; and secondly, the authority of Jesus. When we think and reflect about the first woman, she is dead and so Jesus gives this woman a gift and it is the gift of life. We hear that the second woman has suffered for twelve years and to this woman Jesus says that she is not only cured but she is saved. Fr Paul reflects that we never really hear if she accepts both these conditions… she is certainly cured, but is she saved? Today Fr Paul invites us to reflect on ‘What areas of my life need healing?’ Following the example of this family and this woman with faith we, too, might come to Jesus and, either, bow low like the official did, or fall at Jesus’ feet of Jesus like the woman did, and seek that help, that healing, that salvation from Jesus.