The harvest is plenty but the labourers few

Fr Paul says that in today’s Gospel (Matthew 9: 32-38) we hear of the completion of the ten miracles (or wonders) we began talking about last week.  Matthew is stressing that Jesus is the Saviour of Israel and that people are in awe because nothing like this has happened in Israel.

Jesus is on a tour, going to towns and villages and teaching in their synagogues and Fr Paul says, we have a clear-cut example of the compassion of Jesus.  We see his compassion at work when Jesus is moved by the crowds as he makes this tour; he is sorry that the people he encounters are harassed and dejected; and that is why he takes the time to cure them of their disease and sickness.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul invites us to ask ourselves ‘How can I be Jesus today, here and now? When I look at the people around me, to whom can I be compassionate? Who needs my help today?’ Then having answered that question we might set about showing that care and compassion of Jesus to others today.