Is it against the law to do good or to do evil?

Today Fr Paul reads from Luke’s Gospel (6: 6-11) when Jesus teaches and heals in the synagogue on the Sabbath.

Fr Paul says today’s Gospel is another story on Jesus’ authority to break the Sabbath.  In this Gospel, Jesus goes beyond the law with the man with the withered hand. Jesus heals this man’s hand out of the sheer love he has for him.

The healing that Jesus brings to the world is more important than any observance of ritual law and that is the point the Gospel writer is making.  As we hear, this leaves the opponents of Jesus confused and hostile; they are bound by the law; and to break the command of the Sabbath is something beyond their comprehension.

As our new week begins, Fr Paul invites us to ask ourselves ‘Is there anything in my life at the moment that needs the healing love of Jesus?’