The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today Fr Paul reads from Matthew’s Gospel (1: 18-23) about Mary’s engagement to Joseph.

Today we celebrate the birthday of Mary. Fr Paul says 8 September is the set date for this because it is nine months from 8 December, when we celebrate her Immaculate Conception as the child of Joachim and Anne.

Today, apart from Christ, we remember that Mary and John the Baptist are two births we celebrate as a church.

Given that today is the feast of Mary’s birthday, Fr Paul shares this prayer from St Bernard:

When you follow her; you will not go astray;
When you pray to her, You will not despair;
When you think of her, You will not err;
When she holds you up, You will not fail;
When she protects you, You will not fear;
When she leads you, You will not be fatigued;
When she favors you, You will arrive safely.
She keeps her Son from striking us;
She keeps the devil from hurting us;
She keeps our virtues from escaping us;
She keeps our merits from being destroyed;
She keeps our graces from being lost. Amen.