Today, Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Mark (16:9-15) in which Jesus commissions the disciples to “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the good news to all creation”.Fr Paul says, yesterday, we heard and read from the end of John’s Gospel and, today, we hear the end of Mark’s Gospel. What we hear is a summary of the appearances of the Risen Jesus. These summaries stress what had happened and that it was utterly beyond the realm of human experience. These witnesses are cited to prove that it did happen.  The first witness is Mary of Magdala. The second witnesses were the two who were on their way into the country. Then finally, the third group of witnesses is the eleven themselves. They, too, now become witnesses to the Risen Christ.This Gospel, notes Fr Paul, reminds us that what has happened is hard to believe. That, too, is evidenced by the fact that twice, we heard, they would not believe what the other witnesses were reporting to them.As we come to the end of this Easter week, we still celebrate the Risen Lord and, as hard as it may be, we are reminded that, we too, are now witnesses and it is our challenge, in our time now, to live the last line of the Gospel: “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the good news to all creation”.For our reflection, Fr Paul asks, ‘How can I proclaim the Risen Christ to those around me at this time?’