Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (13: 24-30) in which Jesus tells another parable about weeds in the harvest.Fr Paul says Matthew, in this Gospel, follows up the parable of the sower with another parable about different kinds of seed and sowing focused on the fact that the Church includes bad as well as good.  It can also be addressed to each of us because within each of us there is that element of bad as well as good.We need to be aware, Fr Paul notes, that Matthew loves to make these kinds of contrasts. As we read this Gospel, we need to be aware that a reckoning is coming at the end at harvest time.  The parable of the darnel shows clearly just what a mixed community we are and what a mixed community they were at the time of Jesus.Mindful of these themes today, Fr Paul says, we might ask ourselves ‘What needs weeding out in my life at the moment?’