Today, as we celebrate the feast of Mary Magdalene, Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (20: 1-2, 11-18) which tells of Resurrection morning when Mary Magdalene discovers the empty tomb and of Jesus, subsequently, appearing to her saying ‘Woman why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?’.

Fr Paul says in the Gospel we have heard today, Mary Magdalen features quite prominently. If we look at the scriptures and from what we know of Mary’s life, Mary was healed by Jesus and this, obviously, has had a profound impact on her life.

From that point onwards Mary ministered to Jesus in Galilee; she was present at his crucifixion; and, as we heard today in the Gospel, she was present in the group of women that were first to discover the empty tomb. And again, it was to Mary of Magdala that Jesus first appeared after the resurrection, hence the celebration of this feast because Mary Magdalene is a unique and important person in the life of Jesus.

Fr Paul says, as we do in the tradition of our Church, St Mary Magdalene, pray for us!