Feast of St Monica

Today Fr Paul reads the Gospel from Matthew (24: 42-51) in which Jesus tells the disciples to ‘stay awake because you do not know the day when your master is coming’. Afterwards he shares a little about St Monica, whose life we remember and celebrate today.

Monica was born in Thagaste in Africa into a Christian family. She was very young when she married Patricius. One of her children was Augustine, whose life we will celebrate tomorrow.

In the description Fr Paul shares, it says Augustine was of uncertain morals and a wayward spiritual career, despite his brilliant intellect.

Monica, apparently, shed many tears over her son and prayed unceasingly to God for her son’s conversion. Her prayers were answered shortly before she died.

Monica had a deep faith, an outstanding virtue, and is a wonderful example of a Christian mother.

Today for our prayer and reflection, Fr Paul says we might pray for all our mums and take some time today to thank God for all they are and all they have done for us, their children.