The Word became flesh

On this last day of the year, Fr Paul reads from John (1: 1-18), which is the prologue of John’s Gospel and has a special place in Christian theology because it sums up the whole work of redemption.

Fr Paul explains the concept of a parabolic movement using the living example of the way eagles’ manoeuvre near the beach. He says, if you watch them up in the sky, they at some point come down to touch the surface and then soar again high into the air. This starting from on high, coming down touching the earth, and returning to on high provides a great visual image of a parabolic movement.

Fr Paul goes on to say that when we look at the Gospels, Mark’s Gospel begins with the Baptism of Jesus; Matthew and Luke’s Gospels begin with the infancy narratives of Jesus; but John’s Gospel, which we’ve read today, it goes back beyond all this, and acknowledges that before, there was the Word and the Word was with God. In other words, John’s Gospel begins by telling us that Jesus was in existence, he was the Son of God then became flesh came down, touched, and dwelt amongst the surface and then, through his death and resurrection, rose again to Father.

As our year comes to an end, Fr Paul invites us to be mindful of God’s presence here with us. Just as our Christmas Masses told us, ‘God is with us’, we are reminded that our God is a God has come down from on high, has lived among us and has returned to the Father.