Anna meets Jesus in the Temple

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (2: 36-40) in which the Holy Family encounter Anna, the prophetess, in the temple.

Yesterday, Fr Paul says, the Gospel was all about Simeon and today, as the presentation of our Lord continues, for balance and equality, the Gospel tells us about Anna, the prophetess.

Anna, as we hear in the Gospel, has now devoted her life to the temple.  She serves God night and day and gives praise to God.  Every church in the world, Fr Paul says, has its ‘Annas’: the wonderful people who serve others because they just love to serve; they just love to help. They are the people who pray constantly for the needs of others. The ‘Annas’ of our church may not have any official title but without them, without their acts of service, without their prayers, the church would not exist.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul says, we might think of all the Annas who are part of our lives and thank God for them.

Fr Paul invites you to enjoy the view… Have you worked out where he is, yet?