Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (13: 16-20) in which Jesus  says, no servant is greater than his master; no messenger is greater than the one who sent them.Fr Paul says this is the only Gospel reading about the Last Supper that is used in our Easter Season. The first act of Jesus at the Last Supper was to wash the feet of the disciples. For John, the Gospel writer, the washing of the feet is to demonstrate Jesus’s ministry or service to them.  It is appropriate to be reminded of this now when we, and the disciples, are being prepared to carry on the mission of Jesus.  The lesson, here, is that priesthood is a matter of service and this applies to every one of us not just those in the ordained priesthood. We should all serve one another.From John’s Gospel today, we also get an insight into the depth of Judas’s betrayal. Not only did Judas betray Jesus but he also betrayed the hospitality offered to him.  He betrayed the sharing at the table. He betrayed the meal. He betrayed the very sharing of the same dish of food with Jesus.As we continue our Easter journey and as we are being prepared to carry on the mission Jesus gives us, Fr Paul says, we might ask ourselves, ‘How can I serve those around me?’