Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (5: 31-47) in which Jesus talks about those who bear witness to him. Fr Paul says today’s Gospel continues the confrontation of Jesus and the Jewish leaders of the Temple. Today, Jesus cites the testimonies that bear witness to who he really is. In fact, Jesus cites four testimonies.As we hear in the Gospel, the first is John the Baptist; John came claiming there was one to come after him. Then Jesus explains that the second testimony is the works the Father has given Jesus to do; the healing, the gathering of sinners and much, much more are all signs that Jesus is doing the work of the Father.  The third testimony is that given by the Father himself, the voice of the Father; and the fourth testimony is the scriptures themselves and what they say about Jesus.The Jewish leaders despite these four testimonies refuse to believe. They don’t believe Jesus is the one, the Messiah.As our Lenten Journey continues, Fr Paul says, we might examine our hearts and, if we believe if Jesus is the Messiah, that Jesus is the one, then what concrete things do we do in our lives to give witness and to proclaim that fact to those around us.