Fr Paul says that in today’s Gospel (Matthew 10: 7-15) Jesus instructs the Twelve by saying “the kingdom is close at hand…you received without charge; you give without charge”. Again, Fr Paul says, we hear these continuing and recurring themes; Israel, the kingdom of God, missionary journey and going out.

In this Gospel the disciples learn that they must be dependent on the Holy Spirit and not on their own resources. The disciples are to be wholly dependent on the good will of those to whom they are sent. Fr Paul says it is also striking in this Gospel that the disciples are sent to proclaim the kingdom of heaven and not the person of Jesus. It is worth noting that all of the instructions given by Jesus is the theme of an era of peace because the Messiah has come. This is at the heart of what Jesus says, so the disciples too like Jesus and John the Baptist are to proclaim the end of troubles, death, sickness and evil.

Fr Paul asks us as we reflect today we might be mindful of such a message as it is a great and wonderful message to proclaim, “Jesus, the kingdom of heaven brings an end to troubles, death and evil”.