Fr Paul says that in today’s Gospel (Matthew 10: 1-7) Jesus sends out the Twelve Apostles to proclaim the kingdom of heaven.

Fr Paul says this week as we go through our Gospel readings we will understand that there are a couple of themes which keep occurring. One is Israel which we heard about in yesterday’s Gospel and heard again today. Today the whole theme of sheep is being introduced which will again appear later in our reflections this week. Fr Paul explains that the Gospel today, marks the beginning of Jesus’ great discourse on the mission of Jesus and it focuses on the going out of the disciples. In this Gospel the disciples are named and we are told that there are twelve.

Fr Paul says that the names may vary from list to list of other scripture writers, but the number is always twelve. The number also represents the twelve tribes of Israel. What Jesus is doing is founding the new Israel of which his disciples will be the leaders. By Peter being named first on the list it indicates that he had a special authority in the group. With the calling of the disciples and commissioning of them to go out to continue the mission of Jesus in mind, Fr Paul asks us to reflect on these questions; “in what ways can I be a disciple and how can I go out and spread the good news?”