Fr Prodencio reads from the Gospel of Luke (12:35-38) in which Jesus says ‘Happy those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes’. Prodencio says, among the odd things for us who profess to believe in the kingdom of God is that we treat the kingdom of God as something that would come in the distant future. While our idea about it is not fully clear, we just treat it as a thing in the future. While we don’t exactly know what will happen in it, we treat it as another place far perfect compared to how things are going where we are at the moment. While this may not be always obvious, our overall belief about it is decorated with what we accept to be mystery. The issue that we normally overlook with this is that our attitude toward it is something less interested or less committed or simply disconnected. No doubt, we believe it. But just because we treat it as a thing in a distant future, we also feel disconnected from it. If we probably maximize our awareness to the benefits we get when we deliberately choose to live the kingdom values, our complacent attitude toward it might take a twist. Just like a servant who is always alert for the arrival of his master, we might find the joy of simply being alert all the time regardless of the rewards we might receive in the distant future. In closing, Fr Prodencio invites us to take a moment to reflect on the benefits we enjoy in just being fully engaged in the kingdom mission.