Fr Prodencio reads from the Gospel of Luke (12:39-48) in which Jesus says ‘When a person has a great deal given to them, a great deal will be demanded of them’. Prodencio says, the Son of Man or the Christ within each one of us is always there waiting for recognition and acknowledgement. It is just up to each one of us whether we act as a foolish servant just waiting for our own Christ identity to arrive and reveal itself, or to act as a wise and faithful steward who is always alert even to the most subtle manifestation of such Christ identity. The divine within each one of us can manifest itself in a manner that we do not expect. In a lot of degree, even the idea that each one of us has this divine identity is itself something we do not expect. This makes it difficult for us to recognize its manifestations. In one way or another, we all have had extraordinary moments that we can call the best of who we are. Definitely, these are manifestations of our Christ identity. But if we failed to recognize them as manifestations of our divine identity, then we are like the unprepared servants just passively waiting for our master to arrive. For our reflection today, Fr Prodencio invites us to take a moment to reflect on how we can become more alert to the manifestations of the Son of Man within each one of us.