Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (10: 22-30) in which the Jews question Jesus in the temple courts about whether he is the Messiah.  Fr Paul says our Gospel reading today is unique during this Easter season because it is part of the controversy with the temple authorities. All the other readings are purely instructional for the disciples. This reading picks up the theme of the Good Shepherd that we have had since Sunday but the hostile question of the Jews sparks off Jesus a and immediately after this episode of the Gospel they pick up stones to throw at him.We also hear that this Gospel is set in the context of the Dedication. Fr Paul says this is a festival that celebrates the return of the Lord to his temple. Here, Jesus is claiming that he, himself, is the abode of God, that God lives in him. This gives context and significance to the claim that the Father and I are one.Fr Paul says today we might spend a moment reflecting on this message… Jesus says, ‘the Father and I are one’.