Today Anne O’Brien, our Director of Mission, reads from the Gospel of John (20: 11-18) in which Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene after his Resurrection.Anne says it wasn’t until Jesus called her by name that Mary recognised him.  Until that moment she had been distraught, overwhelmed by grief at the realisation that Jesus was not in the tomb. It was all too much for her to understand and tears welled up from the depths of her broken heart.  How many people among us could relate to this scene! Blinded by tears for the unexpected loss of a loved one, they reel from the situation, feeling only total loss and desperation for the future.  Who can they turn to now? Mary turned to the gardener and discovered the one whom she loved was still with her, albeit in a new way. She ran to share this hope-filled moment. Anne says let us think, is there someone I know who is suffering great loss and for whom I could reach out to offer hope for the future?  Could I be the person through whom Jesus calls their name and allows them to see with new eyes? Anne, as she concludes, invites to join her in prayer :Lord GodWe give thanks for the love and faithfulness of Mary of Magdala,You chose her to be the first messenger of the Resurrection of the Lord.Through our unity in faith hope and loveMay we bring the same joyful Easter message to all those around us.Amen