Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (20: 17-28) in which Jesus predicts His death for the third time.

Fr Paul says that this Gospel today gives us the third of Jesus’ great prophecies of the Passion. It is immediately followed by the mum of Zebedee’s sons asking for a high position for her two boys in the Kingdom. In short, she has not listened to Jesus, she does not understand what is about to happen to Jesus. A follower of Jesus must take up His cross and follow Him to suffering and death.

Fr Paul says towards the end of the Gospel, we hear of the banning of the titles of honour, like Rabbi and Father. It underlines the only dignity in the Christian church is that of service. Being a priest for example is not a dignity but it is a service. As a priest, Fr Paul says that he participates in the same ministry of service just as many others do. Whether they are altar servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, church cleaners, or Archbishops.

As we continue our Lenten Journey, Fr Paul invites us for our reflection to consider these two points:

  • Do I try to avoid sharing in the suffering and the cross of Jesus?
  • Do I live my life in the service of others?