The Risen Jesus finds the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias

For Fr Paul, this is one of his favourite scripture passages (John 21:1-14) where Jesus finds the disciples out fishing on the Sea of Tiberias. It seems the disciples have given up on the Risen Jesus as they return to what they know, being fishermen.

After an unsuccessful catch, Jesus (to them a stranger on the shore) directs them to throw their nets out to starboard.

It is only when their nets are full that John declares ‘It is the Lord’ and Peter wades to shore to greet the Lord.

It is Jesus who seeks them out and him who answers their basic human needs – catching the fish and cooking them breakfast.

In this beautiful personal reflection, Fr Paul makes the scene that day on edge of Sea of Tiberias come to life with the sizzle of fish cooking, the salt on the sea breeze and the reassurance of Jesus in their midst.