The birth of John the Baptist

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (1: 57-66) and, today, we hear about the birth of John the Baptist.

Fr Paul says this Gospel runs in parallel with the birth of Jesus, which we are also about to celebrate. Hearing about the birth of John the Baptist’s birth today highlights the special position John holds. It also highlights the trust that both sets of parents have in God.

An Angel tells of the birth of both children.  The births are an occasion of great joy. Great joy, in John’s case, amongst family and friends; and great joy, in Jesus’s case, amongst all those on earth and all those in heaven.  It leaves us in no doubt that John is great, but Jesus is greater still and John’s role is to prepare the way for Jesus.

So mindful that we are about to celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Gospel reminds us how special and joyful this time is.

Fr Paul wishes everyone a very happy and holy Christmas and all God’s blessings in the coming New Year!